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While playing a morning round of golf, My tee shot was In the fairway. My playing partner dropped me off and he went to look for his ball. (A big slice to the right).

I took two clubs with me and I dropped one in the grass( my putter ). When I picked It up, my grip was wet from the morning dew.

MAWGRIP will protected the grip from Rain, Wet Grass, Dirt, Pesticides & other (geese droppings) Hazards.

We get caught in the rain, it happens. When walking and you approach the green and its raining, Slide on MAWGRIP. Keep the grip dry while you check your line or wait for others who putt first. Slide it on the grip of your driver as well when waiting on the Tee box and it's raining. Don't get caught in the rain without your Golf Grip Cover again. Use MAWGRIP!!

" A Umbrella keeps you dry, MAWGRIP keeps the Grip Dry !! " YOU ONLY NEED 1

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